Duracast Weight Technology

Duracast weights marry a tough high density polyethylene outer shell to a very high strength “concrete” (VHSC) solid core. Duracast was born at US Weight after studying the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center’s development of high performance concrete use in blast barriers.

The Duracast Advantage

Through extensive research and development, US Weight has developed a proprietary casting process that assures unmatched durability, flexural toughness, strength, design flexibility, and value for a variety of utility weight and counterweight applications.

Building on the US Army Research and Engineer Development Center’s extensive research and development of bomb-resistant materials including Very High Strength Concrete (VHSC), US Weight designs and fabricates a unique range of castings that provide superior compressive and tensile strength for a wide range of industry verticals. Our casting process, developed over many years, is based on a careful selection, mixture, and treatment of materials that combine to increase density, improve toughness, and create a powerful microstructure for the finished products.

Duracast is rugged, versatile, and used across a wide variety of industry verticals including agricultural, retail, lawn & garden, and industrial markets. Duracast achieves compressive strength ranging from 6,000 psi – 18,000 psi depending on the application. As a finishing step, US Weight’s Duracast is encased in Edgeguard, a thick UV-resistant HDPE casing, which provide additional weather and rust protection as well as design flexibility for the wide range of applications and industry verticals in the field today. Experience the Duracast difference.